Attilio Novellino/Saverio Rosi – Lanificio Leo | Crònica95
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095-2015-2 095-2015-3

released 22 April 2015

Recorded and composed by Attilio Novellino & Saverio Rosi.
Mastered by M. Carvalhais.
Photos Stefano Ghiretti.



Novellino/Rosi/Mazurek/Barnes | Objects In Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear LP | Discreetrecords004

The work is the second vinyl release of Discreetrecords catalogue, limited edition of 250 copies, graphic design and packaging by Emilio Leo.

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Attilio Novellino: electric organ, bass, modular synthesizer and electronics
Saverio Rosi: guitar, organs, analogue ribbon synthesizer and electronics
Rob Mazurek: cornet, electronics on mirrors
Tim Barnes: drums and percussions
Field Recordings Recorded at Lanificio Leo in August 2013
Arranged And Mixed By Attilio Novellino And Saverio Rosi
Mastering By James Plotkin
Artwork By Emilio Leo



The Great Saunites & Attilio Novellino | Radicalsme Mécanique LP | Discreetrecords003

One sided yellow 180g Vinyl w/ Serigraphy 

Mastering by James Plotkin
Graphic by Vivaultra





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