By others


Stefano Santabarbara – Under My Bed Recordings | Quadrature

:: Under A Sea Of Benzodiazepines ::

In the same album Drekka, Simon Balestrazzi, Ennio Mazzon




Dragon’s Eye Recordings – Aqua Matrix

:: Aqua Matrix ::

In the same album: Enrico Coniglio, Gamino, Fabio Perletta and SEC_



Port Royal – n5MD – You Ware Nowhere | Remixes

:: The last big impezzo – Attilio Novellino Rework ::

In the same album: The Sight Below, Bvdub, John Tejada, Arovane,Gustaf Fjelstrom
and many others.



Fabrizio Garau – Oak Editions | Italian Resonance – Dronegazers?

:: Litost ::w/Superstorms

In the same comp. Enrico Coniglio, Alberto Boccardi, Easychord, Cristiano Deison, Giulio Aldinucci and Francesco Giannico.


Daniel Mackenzie – ConSouling Sounds | Constates vol.1

:: Trying to evaporate ::

In the same comp. Machinefabriek, Natural Snow Buildings, Yellow6, Philippe Petit and many others



Jerome | Particule Arises | Basses Frequences

:: ultraviolet cascade ::

In the same comp. Johannes Buff, Witxes, Kevin Gan Yuen, Philippe Lamy, Colbets, Ecka Liena and Phil Maggi


Michael Waring | sequence 2 | futuresequence webzine

:: like 50000 disembodies screams ::

In the same comp.  Seaworthy, Nils Frahm, Thisquietrmy, Felicia Atkinson,
Nobuto Suda, Jannick Schou and many other great artists


Marco Lucchi | some perfect curtains | orchestra eclettica e sincretista

:: few seconds before a sudden collapse ::

in the same comp. Enrico Coniglio, Alessio Ballerini, Rintaro Iwashita and others


Raffaello Russo | onda drops vol 2 | onda rock webzine

:: why not ::

In the same comp. Port-Royal, Apart, Dergar, Library
Tapes, con_cetta, Glen Johnson, The Beautiful Schizophonic and many others


Massimo Croce | arte nel rumore vol 2 | ozky e-sound

:: metallic heart wave ::

in the same comp. Elisa Luu, Marco Lucchi, Gigi Masin, Krupnik and many others


Alessio Mecozzi | hush noise | inglorious ocean

:: kiev is my hole ::

in the same comp. Obsil, Errnois, Jonathan Read, Puffin on my side, Good weather for an airstrike and others