Daniel Blumin | WFMU


Attilio Novellino & Collin McKelvey  – Metaphysiques Cannibales I


Neues aus dem Wasteland |Radio X Frankfurt am Main


False Self Cage – Satan Is Always Happy



Utility Fog w/ Peter Hollo | FBI Radio


Neurofeedback Radiations – Satan Is Always Happy
Perceptual Experience Of The Body – You Falling
Amygdala Poetry



Battiti | Radio 3 Rai


ATTILIO NOVELLINO – Below A Sea Of A Benzodiazepines, da “Quadrature” – Under My Bed

Viscerali – 17/05/2018

Mary Anne Hobbs Recommends | BBC Radio 6 Music


Luton – Ice Museum

April 25th 2018

Stuart Maconie’s Freak Zone | BBC Radio 6 Music



Luton – Mount Kenya Imperial

Hannah Peel Episode – April 1st 2018


Sweet Thunder Electro-Acoustic Music Festival| San Francisco


Novellino|Panico|Rosi track “Black Sand” was transmitted at the Sweet Thunder Music Festival in San Francisco on April 24th(4pm) and 26th(2pm) 2014. The installation took place in the Fleet Room at Fort Mason Center and was curated by the great Tom Erbe.


Verity Sharp | BBC Radio 3

In tonight’s programme Verity Sharp puts a vintage recording of a handclapping song from Plantain Island, Sierra Leone alongside rhythmic clatterings by sound artist Day Lineal. Plus classical music from Azerbaijan sung by Nazaket Teymurova, ambience from Italy’s Attilio Novellino and Tonus Peregrinus sing the music of the 15th century English composer, John Dunstable.

Attilio Novellino – Amber Alert

 Tue 7 Aug 2012


Battiti | Radio 3 Rai

ATTILIO NOVELLINO: Snapshot of a Loss from “Through Glass” – Valeot 014
PIMMON: Passing, Never to Be Held from “The Oansome Orbit” – Room40 RM441
KUTIN: Elsewhere from “Ivory” – Valeot 013
KLEEFSTRA/PRUIKSMA/KLEEFSTRA: Sompe Rûkt Nei Jongensbloed from “Deislieper” – Hibernate Recordings HB37
KUTIN: Sombre from “Ivory” – Valeot 013
PIMMON: Yicco from “The Oansome Orbit” – Room40 RM441
ATTILIO NOVELLINO and Alessio BALLERINI: Yosemite’s Night Sky from “Through Glass” – Valeot 014



LOVEDALE, Trains And Bone And Planes, da “Green Sounds” – ILK CDILK187
HEDVIG MOLLESTAD TRIO, Doom’s Lair, da “Shoot!” – Rune Grammofon RCD 2115
META MARIE LOUISE, Microphysical Excercise, da “Sunny Spots” – Metonic Records MET-00014
MUSIC FOR NO MOVIES, Earth Job, da “Violent Zen” – Fluttery Records FLTTRY017
ATTILIO NOVELLINO and ENNIO MAZZON, After You’Ve Had A Life, da “Through Glass” – Valeot Records 014
MARCO TESTONI/NICOLA ALESINI/MAX DI LORETO, In A Silent Way, da “Pollock Project” – Tre Lune Records
MUSIC FOR NO MOVIES, Waterquake, da “Violent Zen” – Fluttery Records FLTTRY017



KANE IKIN, Black Sands, da “Sublunar” – 12k 12K1072
LAWRENCE ENGLISH, Coprinus comatus, da “For/Not for John Cage” – Line_058
HAKOBUNE, Blackland Prairie Part 2, da “All the Other Hearts I Knew” – Rural Colours RC055
ATTILIO NOVELLINO, Lost Days, da “Lost Days” – Small Doses DOSE110
HAKOBUNE, Interlude, da “All the Other Hearts I Knew” – Rural Colours RC055
LAWRENCE ENGLISH, Jansia borneensis, da “For/Not for John Cage” – Line_058
KANE IKIN, Oberon, da “Sublunar” – 12k 12K1072



Secret Thirteen|Mix043

01. Pauline Oliveros – 1977 Performance, Part 1 [2011, Roaratorio – US]
02. Matteo Uggeri, Luca Mauri, Francesco Giannico – 7:27 am : Morning Frost [2012, Boring Machines – Italy]
03. Alberto Boccardi – Laying On Before [2012, Fratto9 Under The Sky Records – Italy]
04. Giulio Aldinucci – Alpha And Omega [2012, Nomadic Kids Republic – Japan]
05. Pjusk – Fnugg [2012, Glacial Movements Records – Italy]
06. Pjusk – Gneis [2012, Glacial Movements Records – Italy]
07. Attilio Novellino – Lost Days [2012, Small Doses – US]
08. Retina.it – -32°F Porcelain , Metal & Ice [2012, Glacial Movements Records – Italy]
09. Enrico Coniglio – Century Dome [2011, Silentes – Italy]
10. Fabio Orsi – Naked Trance [2011, Preservation – Australia]

Mix by Enrico Coniglio



A Closer Listen Best of 2012 Mix|LCLNL 014


[. . .]

Swans/Le Réveil Des Tropiques – “93 Ave. B Blues/ Tenochtitlan”
Ektoise – “Down River (Noah Landis remix)”
Jerome Noetinger & SEC_ – “Testacoda Side A (NO edits)”
Leonardo Rosado/Horostar – “Variation in white #2/Chaud!”
Bellows – “06_Reelin”
Pete Swanson – “Do You Like Students?”
Lost Trail – “Black Clearcut Forest On Damaged Polaroids”
Attilio Novellino + Ennio Mazzon – “After You’ve Had A Life”
Luca Sigurtà – “2”
Simon Scott – “Sealevel. 6”
Parallel41 – “VIII – Out of Season”
Godspeed You! Black Emperor – “Mladic (NO edit)”
Machinefabriek– “Red”

Mix by Joseph Sannicandro


Generation Bip-HOp | JetFM91.2

Bela Emerson : devine (Same Actor Remix) “VA. Antibothis v.4” (Thisco)
Benoit Mernier : les niais de sologne “VA. Musiques Nouvelles 50 Ans” (Cypres)
Michel Banabila & Philippe Petit : malpertuis “VA. Antibothis v.4” (Thisco)
Neurosis : at the well “Honor Found In Decay” (Neurot)
Attilio Novellino : snapshot of a loss “Through Glass” (Valeot)
Northern Valentine : rue d’auseil “Fin De Siècle” (Silber Media)
Pjusk : polar “Tele” (Glacial Movements)
Dub Mentor feat. Jil Caplan : want you more “s/t” (EnT-T)
Marcus Fjellström : lm – 105 “Library Music 1” (Kafka Garden)

|Philippe Petit|



| Final Transmission Radio |


STEPHAN ROISS & TUMIDO “&&& (intro)” from “&&&” (zach records)
CHOCOLAT BILLY “la traversée du désert” from “jacques et ses diverses compagnes” (les potagers natures)
ALEXANDR VATAGIN “elbe” from “serza” (valeot)
ATTILIO NOVELLINO “her red shows” from “through glass” (valeot)
TRUS! “tenderness” from “first step” (moonlee records)
ANDREAS KURZ “clouds” from “innere blutungen – soundtrack” (interstellar records)
GOSAUER GEIGNMUSI “schattseitn” from “innere blutungen – soundtrack” (interstellar records)
LOU REED “metal machine music” (rca, sister ray)





13 SYROVÝCH|Radio1.cz

9. Werner KITZMULLER: meter, EVASION (2011)
10.Werner KITZMULLER + George BAGDASAROV/David SCHWEIGHART: purple, EVASION (2011)
11.Peter KUTIN: sombre, IVORY (2011)
12.Attilio NOVELLINO: sirens, TROUGH GLASS (2011)
13.Attilio NOVELLINO + Ennio MAZZON: after you’ve had a life, TROUGH GLASS(2011)



Puzzle|Radio Città Aperta

au “crazy idol” leaf
live footage “stakes is high” cda
pan american “tract” kranky
factory floor “laying” blast first petite
joy division “atrocity exhibition” factory
jeunesse d’ivoire “a gift of tears” da “new wave italiana” spittle
cocteau twins “speak no evil” 4ad
htrk “bending” blast first
peaking lights “tiger eyes” not not fun
white hills “robot stomp” thrill jockey
wooden shjips “we ask you to ride” holy mountain
owun “muralitè” cda
neurosis “through silver in blood part1” neurot
demdike stare “forest of evil” modern love
attilio novellino “ex butterfly” valeot
comfort “a-100” 482


extra life “first song” africantape
luger “shirokowsky pallasite II” giradiscos
bear in heaven “idle heart” dead oceans
static “sad rocket” karaoke kalk
frames “end of a decade” spv
zywiolak “wily” karrot kommando
fuxa “a billion kilograms” rocket girls
spiritualized “headin for the top” double six
white hills “i write a thousand of letters” thrill jockey
la vampires “still going down” not not fun
h501l “alto mare” musica machina
squarepusher “4001” warp
clark “the pinning pt.2” warp
pieter nooten “ode” rocket girl
attilio novellino “ex butterfly” valeot
emanuele errante “dorian’s mirror” karaoke kalk
and also the trees “hunter not the haunted” aatt



Diserzioni|Radio Sherwood

“Cerchiamo lo specchio in basso, non per lamentare il dolore
che sappiamo diffuso e profondo, ma per romperlo e per trovare
le mappe di un’altra geografia di una strategia d’uscita”.

Larvae: Exit Strategy
Attilio Novellino: Sirens
Good Weather For An Airstrike: Another Way Out
Asonat: On The Other Side
Wolfgang Voigt: Rückverzauberung 6
Black To Comm: Mirror
Anduin: Behind The Voyeur’s Wall Of Glass
Strie: Hällilaul
James Blackshaw : The Snows Are Melted, The Snows Are Gone
Listening Mirror: Falling Under



Sotterranei Pop|RLB

Marta Sui Tubi – la spesa (live)
The Singers – 18:18 (impulsive)
intervista a Simone Piu (Breakin Down)
Breakin Down – miss california
Breakin Down – soul slow train
Breakin Down – rock ‘n roll show
Breakin Down – father my blood
2Pingeons – ikarus
Attilio Novellino – ex butterfly
ll Cielo Di Bagdad – the light place
Mezzala – che fine faremo
Intercity – l’elettricità
Bobby Soul – freedom
G.Finotti & Misfatto – dead flowers
Mark Lanegan – riot in my house
Nada Surf – when i was young
Dan Mangan – oh fortune
Sandro Perri – impossible spaces


Guided By Voices – spiderfighter
Okkervil River – plan d
You Say France & I Whistle – omg
Gang Of Four – she sai “you made a thing of me”
Mark Lanegan – burning jacob’s ladder
Circo Fantasma – when i cross the line
Lance Lopez – your love
Breaking Down -soul slow train
Candice Night – black roses
Don Turbolento – don’t talk
Phidge – invisible colours
No Strange – respirare il mare
Attilio Novellino – a footpath for night dancers
Caroline & The Treats – baby, i’m the best
B Back – gin fuzz
Dome La Muerte & The Diggers – everytime
Loose – on the loose
The Peawees – food for my soul
Above The Tree & The E-Side – bunga bu
Dead cat In A Bag – sleeping fields
Kyle – last days
The Cesarians – in your house
Urge Overkill – poison flower



Psychonavigation Radio | Mix

01. Roger Doyle – Voices Of Parents [Chalant – Memento Mori LP] PROMO
02. Attilio Novellino and Ennio Mazzon – After You’ve Had A Life [Through Glass LP]
03. Clark – Secret [Iradelphic LP]
04. Eutechnik – HID [Symmetry LP]
05. Mouse On Mars – Wienuss [ Parastrophics LP]
06. MR 76 IX – Dr Eamprie Stess [ Experiment Four LP]
07. anodyne – Bs-6 [We Decode The Future EP]
08. Pjusk – Skifer [Tele LP]
09. Antonio Trinchera – Birds Boxes [Spirits Write Letters LP] PROMO
10. Waves On Canvas – She’s Going to Leave [Into The Northsea LP]
11. Biosphere – Sunbaked [Biosphere Compilation 1991 – 2004]
12. Tetsu Inoue – Flow [Yolo LP]
13. krill.minima – Mamor (dedub) [Sekundenschlaf LP] PROMO
14. Monolake – Aligning The Daemon Cmc [Ghosts LP]

|Keith Downey|


Fadimat105 | radioshow

Uwe Jaentsch & Merker.TV -amore, elicottero, gelosia, apocalisse-coca fanta palermo -palermo 2012
Hans Staudinger -on a salty planet (original mix) -on a salty planet -houztekk records
Hans Staudinger -on a salty planet (Ken Hayakawa’s sunset mix) -on a salty planet -houztekk records
A.G.Trio -Countable Infinite feat. M. Zahradnicek -Countable Infinite feat. M. Zahradnicek -etage noir special
DVA -pretty ugly feat. Cornelia -pretty ugly -hyperdub
A.G.Trio -Countable Infinite feat. M. Zahradnicek (Abby lee tee Remix) -Countable Infinite feat. M. Zahradnicek -etage noir special
DVA -pretty ugly feat. Fatima -pretty ugly -hyperdub
V.A. – Ben Daglish -last ninja (Wastelands) -SID Chipsounds The Music Of The Commodore 64 -robot elephant records
John Foxx and The Maths -September town -The Shape of Things -metamatic records
John Foxx and The Maths -invisible ray -The Shape of Things -metamatic records
Kutin -white desert -Ivory -Valeot Records
Attilio Novellino -Sirens -Through Glass -Valeot Records
Kutin -after the plague -Ivory -Valeot Records
Attilio Novellino -snapshot of a loss -Through Glass -Valeot Records
The Smiling Buddhas -Arid Regions Border the Pacific -Atacama -base
Patrick Pulsinger -Nocturnal Cat -Nocturnal Cat -houztekk records
A.G.Trio -Countable Infinite feat. M. Zahradnicek (Fast Feet Remix) -Countable Infinite feat. M. Zahradnicek -etage noir special
Meta Marie Luise -Death & Discipline -Funny Spots feat. max & Momo -metonic records
DVA -eye know feat. Natalie Maddix -pretty ugly -hyperdub
Dorn -Hard Timz -Mund und Ohr gefesselt -houztekk records



F3bis (Dèviances sonores) | Radio Radio 106.8 fm Toulouse

melodium (audio dregs)
message to bears (dead pilot)
greg haines (preservation)
nq(neo ouija)
rm hubbert (chemikal underground)
julia kent (important)
attilio novellino(valeot)
mazzy star (capitol)
sunshine parker (radar swarm)



Dawn Secrets | Headphone Commute |

Peter van Cooten has been involved in music for over 50 years now. Based out of Utrecht, Holland, Peter has been feeding his passion for ambient music by consuming the sounds ranging from Klaus Schulze, to Tangerine Dream, to Bill Laswell and of course, Brian Eno. After being invited to compile a mix for Dutch Nation Radio, Peter became interested in creating inner worlds of music through layered collages of his favorite tracks. In the last decade, Peter has been publishing his mixes on his Ambient Blog, and today we are proud to feature a mix, carefully crafted exclusively for Headphone Commute.

What exactly happens at the moment night changes back into day again, when darkness slowly retreats and light comes back in? Are we aware of what happens outside, at that time of day most of us are still sleeping?What sort of animals or creatures are hiding from the light, and what sort finally dare to come out again? Would we discover “Dawn Secrets” when we’d leave our own safe and familiar surroundings?To be honest, I did not start this mix with this theme in mind…it just ‘dawned’ on me when listening to it when it was almost finished…But from the start, I wanted this mix to have a strong ‘environmental’ feel (but not only include field recordings).Like most of my previous mixes, I also wanted it to be be unnerving as well as comforting: to cycle between ‘tension’ and ‘release’ foa a ‘storytelling’ feeling. So I guess it’s better labeled as “cinematic environmental”  than just as “ambient”.I know it sounds weird, but when creating a mix like this, I always feel like if the mix itself is choosing the tracks to be included. The result of some combinations often surprises me.I hope that this mix tells its mysterious story to you … and maybe reveal some ‘secrets’ along the way…

13:50 Un vortice di bassa pressione – Hydrocoma pt. 3

in the same mix: Enrico Coniglio, Philip Samartzis, Balmorhea, Sigur Rós, Hilmar Örn Hilmarsson, Listening Mirror, Jon Hopkins and many others

| Peter van Cooten |                                                                                         16/01/2011


Low Light Mixes | Venice

I am very excited to present this next mix. It’s a guest mix by longtime listener/downloader, Ron Sylvester.
Ron was the inspiration for a couple of my mixes that used old 78rpm recordings as a basis for the mixes “Sustain & Decay” and “Revenants of the Past”. Ron sent me some mix cd’s which I really enjoyed & I told him he really should do a proper mix someday.
Well, I am delighted that Ron has allowed me to present his first mix here for everyone to enjoy. It’s a wonderful sonic journey. I’ll let Ron describe the mix…
“A week or so ago I stumbled upon the album Salicornie Areavirus by Enrico Coniglio; his website says the album is meant to be a sort of ‘collection of “sound tales” dedicated to Venice’. I thought I recognized his name from somewhere, and back-tracked it to a Lost Children netlabel release featuring Italian artists entitled Underwater Noises, which had been curated by Coniglio. Two other Lost Children Releases featuring Italian artists, Con Fuoco d’Occhi un Nostalgico Lupo volumes I and II, gave me most of what I needed to complete the mix. I finished it off with work by Ulises Conti, Lodovico Einaudi, Paolo Fresu, a Sub Rosa compilation of ritual music entitled Illuminated, and a handful of ambience from Soundtransit and the storehouse of opera 78s at archive.org.
Anyhow, for me this mix is simply entitled Venice, though the musicians are not necessarily from Venice, nor are the field recordings strictly from Venice. Apart from Nguen Le, who is playing with Paolo Fresu (who is Sardinian), I think all the artists or field recording locales are at least Italian. Actually, now that I think of it, the recordings from Illuminated are not necessarily Italian. Catholic, though; that’s something. At any rate, and as usual, the mix is more about a sort of Venetian feeling: canals, Carnevale, the Grand Lagoon, a certain slow sinking. I’ve never been to Venice, though, so what do I know about it?

54:50 Un vortice di bassa pressione – Hydrocoma pt. 3

in the same mix: Enrico Coniglio, Obsil, Ornitology, Alessio Ballerini, Tiziano Milani, Ludovico Einaudi, Derek Holzer and many others

| Dave |                                                                                                              14/o3/2011


Old Bones | 6Forty Project |

Lately it’s been feeling as if my days are on fast-forward (turning 43 this week definitely doesn’t help that feeling!) – I often forget to slow down. So I put together this collection to use as my emergency break. I’m really pleased with the flow of the songs on the playlist. I’ve been listening to these records alot lately and thought that they would make a nice mix together.

Support these bands – go to their concerts, buy their records, join them online and help spread the word so they can continue making such excellent music.

Godspeed You! Black Emperor – Moya
Rachel’s – Lloyd’s Register
The Tumbled Sea – 97202
The Declining Winter – Killer
…And the Earth Swarmed With Them – Everyone Will Fade
Woodworkings – Some Sunlight
Goodnight, Sleep Well – Desmond Hume Has Come Unstuck In Time
The Tumbled Sea – Summer V
Un Vortice Di Bassa Pressione – Bird’s Eye Wall
Stubborn Tiny Lights vs Clustering Darkness Forever OK – Familiars

| Michael Kegg |                                                                                    21/11/2010


Memories Live Longer Than Dreams | Tracce di Emozioni#46

11 Un Vortice di Bassa Pressione – Bird’s Eye Wall

in the same compilation: Lawrence English, Peter Broderick & Machinefabriek, Rachel Grimes, Wes Willenbring, Bosques de mi Mentes, Pillowdiver, Aartika, Akira Kosemura, A Dancing Beggar and others

| Raffaello Russo |                                                                                30/11/2009


Phantom Circuit #68

7 Sentimental Machines – Avril(A Train to Venice)

Featuring Tokyo cellist and composer Hiromichi Sakamoto (坂本弘道 or Sakamoto Hiromichi) live at the Flatpack Festival in Birmingham on 24th March

| Phantomcircuit.com |                                                                                   07/04/2011