anonymous said | Inglorious Ocean 2009 |

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Less | Dronarivm 2014, 3”pro-CDr, ltd.100.
Box set comes with 6 pages trifolded booklet with photos by Nicholas Szczepanik.

1.Don’t You Feel Ashamed?
2.Farewell March
3.The Shining Ground
4.Dogma – Homage to Arvo Pärt
5.Roomlets In Beaten Streets
6.Blind Swipes

“Less” includes close-ups of melancholy piano on a vaguely industrial flow, intimate portraits of urban soundscapes and “holy” drone movements, mixing old musical instruments (piano, pump organ, tape delay and analog echo machines), field recordings and laptop treatments in order to highlight the sentimental aspect behind these electroacoustic compositions.

Composed between 2010 and 2014 it brings together some thoughts, marks and scars that time has left over the years.

Composed and recorded between 2010 and 2014 by Attilio Novellino and Saverio Rosi (piano, organ, field recordings and electronics).
Mixed by Attilio Novellino.
Mastered by Jason Corder
Photos Courtesy of Nicholas Szczepanik


The Silent Bride | Laverna Netlabel 2010
hand-made artwork packaging, limited edition CD-R | Discreet Records 2010

01 Naked lunch
02 Avril(a train to Venice)
03 The silent bride
04 A wound in the sky
05 We’ll never win(our pain)
06 Cornfield(bonus track)
07 Russian lullaby(bonus track)

Sentimental Machines are:
Attilio Novellino
Gianfranco Candeliere
Saverio Rosi

Emanuele Tonon readings from “Il Nemico, Romanzo Eretico”, ISBN Edizioni
Bertrande Fraysse(dUX) guitar electronics and voice on Cornfield

Contact us to order a copy: sentimentalmachines@gmail.com
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