Attilio Novellino | The Anatomy Of Envy
Directed by Ion Indolean – 2018

Attilio Novellino | Below A Sea Of Benzodiazepines
Video By Ehab Halabi Abo Kher – 2019

Attilio Novellino | Sirens
Video by freccia&caburo|MariaCristina Buttignoni & Roberto Bressa| 2012



Live at First Floor Club –
Pomigliano D’Arco (Na)23/11/2017

Live@Circolo H
Latina 22-04-2016

Attilio Novellino & Leastupperbound plus Ahleuchatistas
live set at Museo Marca Catanzaro, Diagonal 2011
Catanzaro 04-11-2011

Un Vortice Di Bassa Pressione & Leastupperbound | Trying To Evaporate
Live at Flussi 2010 Digital Transitions | Edition E-Artquake
Avellino 25-09-2010


Into the why / FIGURATIVE from De-Da Productions on Vimeo.

Into the why
is derived from the concept FIGURATIVE by Kihako Narisawa
FIGURATIVE is a conceptual project which is representative of a system, questions which address the disparity between idea and word, language and artistic expression…

concept + choreography + direction
Kihako Narisawa

concept + visual collaboration
De-Da Productions

sound design
Fabrizio Di Salvo, Attilio Novellino

Claudio Costantino, Valeriya Dmitrenko, Astrid Smits

Into the why has been developed since premiere in Italy December 2017 through various residences:

Residenz Staatstheater Darmstadt /Germany

Braswell Arts Centre Basel /Switzerland

Goethe Institut Montréal /Canada

ZAIK | Zentrum für Austausch und Innovation Köln /Germany